Dear You


To The Doctor Who Tore Up My Body

Dear You, You walked into the room and immediately made your presence known. Your “robustness” took up the entirety of the door frame. Your smile revealed perfectly aligned, bright-shining teeth. You had an American flag pin on your right collar…

black boy hugging father

To the man whose hug made me whole

Dear you, I have spent a lot of time trying to be enough to people who look like you. And even more, I have spent a lot of time justifying my choices, my actions, and my every move to men…

waves crashing against cliff

To the man who didn’t get the best of me

Dear you, I’m sorry that I didn’t take you that seriously. I’m sorry that I let my pride get in the way of opening up my heart to you. It hasn’t always been easy to admit that. It hasn’t always…

woman walking with purse finding herself sexy

To the first girl I followed

Dear you, Remember that time you were babysitting me and you let me eat a spider egg? I am 100% confident that any odd dysfunction I experience as an adult can be attributed to that event. You always went first.…

woman walking out on a windy day

To the girl who was compared to me

Dear you, One day you are going to grow up and realize I am a total buffoon (if you don’t already know that). I know you think that I have it all figured out, I know that you are compared…

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