Dear You


Shame makes it about you

“Shame focuses it on the I AM. I am a bad mother. PPD makes you question your identity. You begin to focus on the I—how terrible, and bad I am. I am unworthy. PPD attacks the narrative of who you are. ”

“I knew all the symptoms”

Anita, mother of one, learned she was a carrier for the BRCA (an abbreviation for breast cancer gene) mutation one month after her wedding. According to the National Breast Cancer Foundation, every human being has the BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes.…

“I felt helpless, and without hope”

Fairly felt she wasn’t living up to her role of wife and mother. She heard these words to move on and knew people were judging her for not having it together. She felt like a failure—and more importantly, a disappointment to her loving husband and child.

“I thought I would be supermom”

What struck me about Stacy’s story is how much mothers take on as the primary caregiver. She and her peers felt they had to be superwoman—the perfect mom—just like our moms were.

“As soon as I became pregnant, everyone had an opinion”

“I loved my daughter from day one, and I couldn’t imagine my life without her. I was so protective of her. But there was a part of me that was like, what am I doing? I don’t even recognize myself. I don’t recognize my body. I don’t think I’m fit to be a mother.”


The stigma of postpartum depression

If you’ve been on Instagram, you may have noticed a trending photo of Indian mother Nima Bhakta. She died of postpartum depression. This story really irked me. I’m not a mother, but I know lots of mothers. I’ve always struggled…

To the woman who deserves an apology

Dear you, When I was ten years old, we said we would marry twins and live on the same block. Now, we are 25 years old and live across the country. We are not marrying twins. We aren’t even best…

To The Doctor Who Tore Up My Body

Dear You, You walked into the room and immediately made your presence known. Your “robustness” took up the entirety of the door frame. Your smile revealed perfectly aligned, bright-shining teeth. You had an American flag pin on your right collar…

black boy hugging father

To the man whose hug made me whole

Dear you, I have spent a lot of time trying to be enough to people who look like you. And even more, I have spent a lot of time justifying my choices, my actions, and my every move to men…

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