Dear you,

I will never forget the day you let me cry into your arms like a baby when my little heart was broken. It hadn’t broken like that in a while, and as I wept like a dweeb in your arms, you let me stay.

I have always had space to stay in our friendship. I have always had space to face my hardest truth in your arms, while I found myself in them. I think being an authentic, confident woman is the hardest journey you can walk into. In you, I found the space to be a little bit more of that woman, a little bit more of me.

Sometimes, I wonder how a woman like you doesn’t see how incredibly powerful she is. You are good at everything you touch – from leading, to seeing every perspective. It amazes me that a woman like you doesn’t know she’s a showstopper. You walk into a room and people notice you even though you don’t notice them. You are absolutely stunning, inside and out. And I can’t imagine why anyone would think otherwise – especially when it’s you. Sometimes when you tell me you struggle with confidence, I cannot take you seriously. No one as lovely as you should ever struggle with anything, especially that.

Your confidence rises from your willingness to admit you have struggled, but also allow others to struggle in theirs too. There is no shame in our friendship. Some of the hardest conversations I have ever had, the most vulnerable and disheartened – the things I have never said to anyone – I have said to you. I sat next to you time and time again and unraveled layers of my insecurities. I’ve told you the thoughts inside of my head that are embarrassing, scary, and insane.

You have always let me. And without those conversations, the ability to feel safety in your arms – I would never be half the woman I thought I would be.


A girl who feels safe because of you



Living love boldly, courageously, and without fear.

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