Dear you,

It is really easy to not see the entire picture. It is easy to look at the emptiness, the loneliness, the appearances of nothing to come, and simply decide that it just never will. It is really easy to lose hope, especially in the areas of life we cannot control.

It doesn’t help that everyone and everything around will tell you that you should feel that way – that instead of waiting and believing, you should react and take control of your situation. That YOU should do something, anything to make your circumstances different.

I think there’s a lot of power in waiting – a lot of power in believing. There’s a lot of power in the process.

Most of the lessons I have learned were never just for me. In fact, most of them were for people who needed them more than me, that God asked me to feel this way, so I could relate to someone else. And in so many random and weird moments, God revealed to me the giftee of my lesson, and it was special, sweet, and kind. It was like we were in on some inside joke that no one else could understand, that the pain and heartbreak of one particular lesson was now being wrapped up and tied with a bow, so that we could pass it on to someone – clean, beautiful, and relatable to someone who needed it more.

I can’t promise you everything you are looking for – because I am not God and I will never be in control of every moment of your life. But what I will promise you is that if you trust God – if you wait on the promises He has made for you – that there will always more on the way. I can tell you that He hears you and that He knows what He is doing. I believe that God is in love with every layer of your identity – the working out in your heart, the small things, the big things – the things you don’t even know about yourself.

Present it to Him. Allow yourself to be vulnerable to the only One who can take it and use it for good – who has a plan for it.


A girl whose lesson meant something to you



Living love boldly, courageously, and without fear.

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