Dear you,

When I was ten years old, we said we would marry twins and live on the same block.

Now, we are 25 years old and live across the country.

We are not marrying twins.

We aren’t even best friends anymore.

I have been told family is the only thing I will have when it is all said in done. In moments where I’ve fought and yelled with my own, I have been threatened with the loss of my family when I didn’t choose their way.

I have to admit that sometimes, even I have believed that truth.

Today, I am issuing you an apology for the shit you have experienced.

I apologize for the abuse, trauma, and pain.

I apologize for the disruption and wrestling with yourself.

More importantly, I am sorry anyone allowed you to believe that you could not live as your own person, in the shell you wanted to, as you are.

We have always wanted to be accepted by the people we love and love us the most. We wanted to make and keep them happy. We wanted to be included, wanted, and even cherished by them.

And though we might be, they have decided they rather choose their beliefs than choose us.

I want to remind you that the friendship that we have is the one I have chosen.

I might not always to be there when you need me. I might not always stay in touch.

I promise to listen as your find your way.



A girl who admires every brave step you took to get here


Living love boldly, courageously, and without fear.

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