I’ll have to admit that the last three months have been a little rough for me.
Which probably seems funny coming from a woman who got married a few months ago.
I caught up.
With one year’s worth of pushing myself aside to keep the stakeholders in my life…
And in the process, lost a bit of myself.
Or maybe, lost myself completely?
I’ve been embarrassed to write to all of you because it hasn’t been very easy for me to tie everything in my life with a bow.
I haven’t figured out anything yet.
It’s been harder and harder to find God in things.
I decided to shift my mind to believe that everything was/is good, despite how hard it was for me to believe it.
This mindshift happened on the subway.
I decided that I was going to try to find God in my life, especially in the moments I didn’t want to.
And suddenly, I felt light.
As someone who has felt dark, lights off, and completely lost in a “happy season.”
It’s possible to lose your way and find it again.
I experience darkness in the form of transition. My life was uprooted, replanted, and restored in the course of a year.
I know there are so many of us experiencing our version of transition. Outwardly, we have nothing to complain about.
But, we still need time.
Time to find our place, to plant our feet on the ground.
You are not alone in the midst of your transition.
Whatever it looks like.
A mindshift, for me, was a choice.

Living love boldly, courageously, and without fear.


  1. Thank u!!! Needed to hear this very thing. It’s been really hard moving to Sudan.

  2. I can’t imagine the amount of negotiating and time that goes into planning a wedding! And I never thought about the aftermath of such an experience. Thank you for being brave and sharing this!


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