My mother often tells me not to count my chickens before they hatch. I’m a planner by nature and it’s easy for me to get to the sequel before the movie begins. The sequel usually looks nothing like the movie and my mom often reminds me not to get ahead of myself. 

I’m looking for a new job. And it’s easy to start planning. But sometimes, I don’t always feel like I should be. 

I was sharing this with my mentor who kindly exclaimed:

“It’s stupid to not hatch chickens.”

This lovely mentor of mine refers to herself as God’s kid.

I, on the other hand, reluctantly trust God.

I realize how silly that sounds. I want to believe God. I want to believe He will take care of me, but I just don’t have the type of faith that you hear stories about.

Recently, I’ve been waking up in the mornings and reminding myself:

“I am God’s kid.”

I say it out loud. I say it to my friends.

I say it to myself when I see the ugly head of anxiety overcoming me.

And sometimes, anxiety wins during the day.

I’m learning to speak faith over me, my life, and the things around me, knowing I will find myself in its identity.

I don’t hatch chickens because I am afraid I am wrong about God. That God can’t show up for me.

That God can’t give me the thing I want.

God may not give me, or anyone you know, the thing we desperately want in the timeframe we want it to happen.

We believe in a God who tells us to believe in what we cannot see. And though we cannot expect God to lead us to the thing we want,  it’s okay to shift our frame from “hoping” to “knowing”.

We can be expectant that our incredible God can do incredible things.

God will give you what you need in that moment to prepare you for the ultimate, best scenario. The abundant scenario.

The one you didn’t imagine or fathom was possible.

I come from a culture that kept everything a secret. We were afraid if God didn’t do something for us, it may look bad to the people around us.

It just simply is not the case. We can’t keep hushing the good and not perceivable good that is happening to us. God is using the up and downs of our journey to make known His character.

We have to be comfortable with the idea of reminding ourselves that we are the children of God. The kids of God. The kind of kids who he cherishes and loves you.

It’s okay to be a Christian who reluctantly trusts God. It doesn’t make you less.

Speak over your anxiety by calling yourself God’s kid in front of it.


Living love boldly, courageously, and without fear.

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