I’m pretty uncomfortable in my apartment alone. I’m afraid of what might pop up and I always notice sounds, creaks, and potential “scary monsters”.

This is only funny because I’ve convinced everyone I’m not afraid of living alone. I’ve even gone far enough to tell my mom I enjoy being in my apartment by myself. This was simply to reassure her that I am fearless, and capable of living away from my family.

I really want people to believe that I am fearless, brave, and courageous in every realm of my life.

The truth is, I may be courageous enough to write and share my life with you. However, this same person also sleeps with all the lights on her apartment, just feel safe.

Whatever you fear today is normal.

We are all afraid of something – whether it be the dark, snakes, or being alone in apartment. It might be larger things like taking a leap of faith in your career, talking about a sensitive topic with your family, or even trusting God better. We are all afraid of what the other side might look like. It might be scary to imagine what might be on the other side of those things.

Have you considered praying your embarrassing prayers? The ones that shake your identity and alter your public image?

It’s time to trust God enough that He can shape and change the way you see yourself, and even give you new ground to stand on.

Prayer: Lord, I pray for my biggest and scariest prayer. I realize this might lead me to new roads which I trust you’ll lead me on. I believe in my fears are the biggest breakthroughs. 

Suggested Reading:

  • Psalms 34:4-7
  • Isaiah 41:13

Living love boldly, courageously, and without fear.

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