Will you let the sun stand still?

Contrary to popular belief, I am not someone who travels well. I love home, a lot. Despite this, I travel around 10-12 times year because of work, family, and vacation. I experience a flight delay or cancellation on eight of…

fabric mouse

What can mere mouse do to me?

A couple days ago, I found a mouse for the first time in my apartment. Having grown up in a nice, clean place on the West Coast, I have come to find NYC is just way more susceptible to weird,…

man walking on wood planks in forest

The problem with assuming the worst in people

I actually got the chance to share this story at my first speaking engagement in New Jersey. See the video here and share if it meant something to you. (PS: I am looking to do more things like this – so I…

control freak typing on keyboard

Control freak

Two of my closest friends were sitting with me at an East Village restaurant. We sat eating Korean fried chicken and Noreen asked me the question I was dreading. “Why is it taking you so long to launch your site?”…

rachel varkey with parents

Dear mummy and daddy

My parents didn’t have the privilege of pursuing their dreams. My dad moved to the United States in 1986. He went to technical school and became an aviation mechanic. He has worked at an airline for 27 years. My mother has…

rachel varkey i found my voice art

The truth in my womanhood

I know a lot of people are uncomfortable with the Biblical concept of womanhood. #Stereotyping has made it possible for us to think that the more public parts of the Bible define what it means to be a woman in…

reading bible about personal god

A God who is very personal

I am not sure about you, but growing up, I always felt that God spoke to people who didn’t look at me. They had to be older, married, perfect and without fault. And I joked a lot about that -…

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