What I Learned in 2021

A short list of what I learned in 2021. It’s raw, it’s real, and it’s just my truth. Not in any particular order. 1. The best work is personal My most profound lessons weren’t Instagrammable or Tik Tok worthy. The…

2021 – The Year I Got Better at Celebrating

I typically choose a word to define my year. This year, that word is “celebrate”. Read why below. I entered into 2021 exactly the way I exited 2020– a little anxious, mildly hopeful, but incredibly bogged down by the things…


#3: I am the lily. (2020 Lessons)

Charles and I, like most people in America, got a dog in April, right around the time the country began quarantining. Meet Pickles, our Pitbull Terrier. For the record, I’m not a dog person. When we first got her, I…

#2: Spiraling gets you nowhere (2020 Lessons)

I’m known to get a little ahead of myself. I often go to the absolute worst-case scenario for any given problem I’m facing. If I am struggling at work, I’m about to get laid off. If I am experiencing challenges…


Supporting the one you love with mental illness

I was first exposed to the conversation on mental illness when I began dating my husband in 2016. When we met, he was writing an article about the church, and it’s often, poor response to mental illness. Very early on…


If you’re feeling purposeless in #coronatimes

If you’re reading this, you’re either in mandatory self-quarantine, social distancing, or at a healthcare facility. We’ve been avoiding travel and keeping to ourselves.  The more I watch the news or step into an empty grocery store, the more nervous…

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