If you’re reading this, you’re either in mandatory self-quarantine, social distancing, or at a healthcare facility. We’ve been avoiding travel and keeping to ourselves. 

The more I watch the news or step into an empty grocery store, the more nervous I get.  

What a world we live in now, am I right? 

I have to admit I’m reminded of people and communities who have suffered far worse, endured much more, and used to this level of isolation due to war, sickness, and other circumstances. 

We have to make space for the grief we’re experiencing in the world now. This is a huge adjustment for many of us who are used to flipping and flopping around. 

Even just the option to do so, makes me feel safe, secure, and like myself. 

My coronavirus anxiety began when the NBA was canceled. 

Not because I care passionately about sports. It just felt like something big was happening and I needed to start paying more attention. 

I couldn’t help but feel an uneasiness you don’t want to feel–  especially as a Christian. I know God is our Healer and our protector, but the tension was palpable. It filled the air and distracted me. 

As I keep watch the news and updates with city-wide limitations on gatherings, overflowed hospitals, sheltering in place, and the increasing Covid-19 positive cases, I’m freaking out. 

This world can feel really uneasy sometimes. Those feelings of discomfort and fear are totally valid. In fact, I think they’re pretty normal. 

I don’t know how things will go over the next few months. Walking through the empty aisles of Target and H-E-B make me want to be a hoarder. 

We have a unique moment to look to Jesus as our comforter, hope, and deliverer when things are uncertain, unfamiliar, and don’t make sense. 

We can look to Jesus to help us become “the helpers.” The responders. The ones who won’t fall to fear of the things we don’t have control over. 

I am not one who is comfortable with sitting at home all day. I’ve felt more uninspired and unmotivated than I have in awhile. 

I’m trusting in the gifts that God has given me to keep pursuing – even if it looks a little different than what I thought it would. 

Right now, my gift looks like investing in my relationship and time spent with my small family here in Texas. 

It looks like playing Unstable Unicorns and Bananagrams every night. Calling my mom without fail.

It looks like trying to build relationships through computer screens and phone calls. 

My gift is looking for gratitude in the little moments. 

It looks like finding moments of self-reflection.

I know this doesn’t feel normal, but if there’s anything I’ve learned is God’s loving-kindness allows us to adapt to the uncertainty around us. He gives us purpose in times that feel without. 

How can you look at your now and find your purpose? What is the thing God has given you to invest in right now?

How can you sow, plant, and expand in this moment?

I don’t have the answers. I don’t think anyone does. But, we can make the space for the feelings, discomfort, and uncertainty this has brought and find a purpose.

It may be simpler than you think. Look around you. What have you been pushing aside, avoiding, or trying to let go of?

Do that thing. Be that thing. If not now, when?


Living love boldly, courageously, and without fear.

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