Don’t settle for a counterfeit

There are silly things I’ve asked God for in a partner. My list is endless and I won’t bore you with the details – but I had a list about ten qualities reserved for “the one”. Over the course of…

man walking by water reading love letter

A love letter to you, good man.

I haven’t always been comfortable around men. I haven’t always had the easiest time getting close to men or developing friendships with them. I’m definitely not the only one. As woman, I have found it easy to pinpoint, demonize, and…

couple sitting on bench not defining their relationship

I didn’t want to define the relationship

My best friend introduced me to a lovely man a couple years ago. I was pretty young at the time, a couple months out of university and obviously “very ready” to start pursuing a serious relationship. We were introduced as…

friends sitting on hill looking over city

Coming home to yourself

The last man I loved was incapable of believing that he could change. He thought he was too complicated and shut me out throughout our three year friendship. I fell in love with the man I knew he was and…

woman walking with purse finding herself sexy

Finding myself in sexy

Lolo and I had been dating for a few weeks. We had stepped into a café after walking around Chelsea and we started discussing our idea of the perfect date. Lolo started talking about a candlelit dinner, dressing up, and…

blonde woman hair blowing in wind falling in love

There is nothing noble about falling in love

One of my greatest gifts is seeing the person inside of someone – especially when they don’t see it themselves. I love the person most people haven’t met or seen in themselves. I love that person, I bring out the…


I am still not married

The week before my 25th birthday, my mother and I got into a very heated debate about her creating an online dating profile. This is funny for many reasons: 1) My mom just recently learned how to use an iPhone…

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